The Team

The success of the lab is driven by a team of intelligent and creative postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate, researchers led by Dr. Elizabeth Winzeler.

Principal Investigator 

Elizabeth Winzeler, Ph.D.

Professor of Pharmacology and Drug Discovery
Department of Pediatrics, University of California San Diego
The Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation
W.M. Keck Distinguished Young Scholar

Principal Investigator Dr. Elizabeth A. Winzeler is a professor in the Division of Pharmacology and Drug Discovery, Department of Pediatrics and director of translational research at the UC San Diego Health Sciences Center for Immunity, Infection & Inflammation. Read more…

Lab Members

Sabine Ottilie, Ph.D.

Project Manager MalDA

Drug Target Identification
Yeast Models for Malaria
Synthetic Biology and Gene Editing

Irwin Sherman, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor

Professor Emeritus University of California (Riverside),
Assistant Clinical Professor
at School of Medicine, UCSD

Jaeson Calla, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Madeline R. Luth

Graduate Student

Matthew Abraham

Graduate Student

Drug Target Identification
Hit 2 Lead Compound Development
Analog Target Profiling

Dylan Hutson

Undergraduate Researcher

Jan M Economy

Research Coordinator

Prianka Kumar

Undergraduate Researcher

Drug Target Identification
Yeast Models for Malaria
Synthetic Biology and Gene Editing

Mclean Taggard

Undergraduate Researcher


Melanie (Bing) Zou

Undergraduate Researcher

Lindsey Skokan

Undergraduate Researcher

Andrea Cheung


Drug Target Identification
Yeast Models for Malaria
Synthetic Biology and
Gene Editing

Emma Paytas

Undergraduate Researcher

Former Lab Members

Selina Bopp, Ph.D. | Scientist, Harvard School of Public Health 
Erika Flannery, M.P.H. Ph.D. | Scientist, The Center for Infectious Disease Research, Seattle 
Marisa Hovlid, Ph.D. | Thermo Fisher Scientific
Nobutaka Kato, Ph.D. | Scientist, The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT 
Claire Kidgell, Ph.D. | Program Officer, The Wellcome Trust 
Karine Le Roch, Ph.D. | Associate Professor, UC Riverside 
Case McNamara, Ph.D. | Principal Investigator, California Institute for Biomedical Research 
Shinji Okitsu, Ph.D. | Scientist, EMD Serono 
Vandana Ramachandran, Ph.D. | Program Officer, Institute of Medical Biology, Singapore (A*STAR) 
Shailendra Kumar Sharma, Ph.D. | Research Associate, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) 
Scott Westenberger, Ph.D. | Field Application Scientist, Illumina 
Melanie Wree, Ph.D.  
Stephan Meister, Ph.D.
Annie Cowell, M.D./MPH
Pamela Orjuela-Sanchez, Ph.D.

Taylor Bright, Ph.D. | Founder, Novoron Bioscience Inc. 
Neekesh Dharia, M.D. Ph.D. | Pediatric Oncology Fellow, Dana Farber 
Gregory Goldgof, Ph.D. | Medical Student, UCSD Medical Scientist Training Program
Jeff Johnson, Ph.D. | Research Assistant Professor, UC San Francisco 
Justine Swann, Ph.D. | Arbor Scientia
Jason Young, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor, UCSD 
Victoria Corey | Illumina
Lawrence Wang | Medical Student

Olivia Fuchs
Sang Kim | Pharmacy Student, University of Illinois at Chicago
Marie Nachon | Illumina
Haidang Nguyen | Medical Student, Michigan State University
Maximo Prescott
Suriya Singhakul
Rebecca Stanhope
Christine Teng
Felicia Gunawan
Alan Du
Jennifer Yang
Eddie Vigil
Binium Ambachew
Peter Chibi
Caroline Page
Jake Schenken
Erika Sasaki
Megan Verma
Kristen Thorne


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