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Malaria affects 40% of the world's population and kills up to a million people each year. In addition, it impacts development. The overarching goal of the laboratory is to eliminate malaria. To achieve this goal we are working with partners to develop new treatments that aim to break the cycle of malaria human to mosquito to human transmission.

Malaria Drug Accelerator (MalDA)

The Malaria Drug Accelerator - MalDA (Formerly MDTIP) is a collaboration funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to use chemogenomic methods to identify the drug target and mechanism of action for the fifty most prominent compounds in the Malaria Box.

Dr. Elizabeth Winzeler
Dr. Elizabeth Winzeler

Principal Investigator Dr. Elizabeth A. Winzeler is a professor in the Division of Pharmacology and Drug Discovery, Department of Pediatrics and director of translational research at the UC San Diego Health Sciences Center for Immunity, Infection & Inflammation.

The Team
The Team

The success of the lab is driven by a team of intelligent and creative postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate researchers led by Dr. Elizabeth Winzeler.


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